CREST ANZ Best of Breed

CREST ANZ is currently piloting its new Accreditation program for matching cyber security skills, competencies and proficiencies with 'best in class' global cyber security accreditation, to define a practice standard for specific career pathways in Australia.

What's that really mean?

CREST ANZ has identified the standard career pathways in cyber security in Australia and the skills, competencies and proficiencies needed at the start, mid-point and peak of that career path. For each career path point, we have found, tested and selected the 'best in class' accreditation available. And we have also defined the required experience and other, non-technical competences and proficiencies required.

The Best of Breed Accreditation (to be renamed) is a more robust model for the accreditation of individuals. Applicants are assessed using a multi-dimensional model which includes the following assessment dimensions:

  • Technical competency
  • Professionalism and performance competency
  • Individual attributes

Guided by Federal Government standards and practices available for use in the commercial sector, we have bundled the technical certifications and non-technical requirements into Australian career paths for our Accredited individuals. And we are seeking Government, Academic and Industry support for our framework and promotion of our Accredited individuals. This will set a new national standard of 'best in class' cyber security practice in Australia.

So, what does this mean for you?

CREST ANZ now recognises many different technical certifications from many different providers. If you have an existing 'best in class' technical certification, you may also be eligible for CREST ANZ individual Accreditation without sitting any further technical exams.

CREST ANZ will now recognise many different accreditations from many different providers.