Welcome to CREST Australia New Zealand

In an unregulated and often confusing information security supplier market, businesses increasingly require reliable, professional, high quality information security testing services.

CREST ANZ Approved companies and their accredited staff, with proven technical capabilities and a commitment to integrity and high-quality service, are the natural choice in information security testing providers.

Important and exciting update

CREST ANZ will soon announce a new accreditation framework for aligning cyber security career paths with 'best of breed' cyber security exams and accreditation.

What does this really mean?

CREST ANZ has identified standard cyber security career pathways in Australia and modelled the skills, competencies, and proficiencies needed at the start, mid-point and peak of each career path.

For each career path, we have selected 'best of breed' technical examinations and non-technical accreditations to define a practice standard for Australia.

We have been guided by Federal Government standards and practices available for use in the commercial sector, industry research and our Member's views.

We have support for the new CREST ANZ accreditation framework from Government, Academia and Industry, and will actively promote out Approved Company and Accredited Individual Members.